For Sale – Double Neck 3 String Cigar Box Guitar

Double neck 3 string cigar box guitar
Aurora, IL
For sale, double neck 3 string cigar box guitar – $150.00
This is a one of a kind homemade instrument. I made this 3 string double neck cigar box guitar back in August of 2014. The lower neck is tuned to open A. The top neck is tuned to open G. Most guitars have an adjustable truss rod placed within the neck so that if the neck bends up or down it can be adjusted to straighten the neck. On this cigar box guitar I’ve att…ached a half-round wood support under each neck to give the neck rigidity and prevent any warping of the necks. This also gives the neck a solid feel. As far as I know, I have not seen any other cigar box guitar makers support their cigar box guitar necks like this. This cigar box guitar can be plugged into any guitar amp. I placed a pickup under each bridge and a volume control knob. You can see my video here –