Saturday Morning Physics begins 38th year

Dan Hooper of Fermilab and the University of Chicago answers questions from high school students at the Sept. 30 Saturday Morning Physics lecture. Photo: Elliott McCrory

Saturday Morning Physics, one of the laboratory’s most popular outreach initiatives, started its 38th year on Sept. 30 with a talk on astrophysics by Fermilab and University of Chicago scientist Dan Hooper.

The fall session will continue through Dec. 9, and along the way, SMP participants will learn from Fermilab staff about relativity, accelerators, cosmology, neutrinos detectors, energy and climate, and physics and society. In an effort to be inclusive, the program also includes this session a lecture delivered in Spanish.

Led by scientists Elliott McCrory of Fermilab and Sowjanya Gollapinni of the University of Tennessee, SMP provides high school students with an opportunity to learn physics in a low-pressure environment. Students come to Fermilab every Saturday for a lecture and a tour of some part of the laboratory. At the session’s conclusion, the students receive a certification of completion.

The program comprises three sessions every year. McCrory gives the second lecture, on relativity, tomorrow, Oct. 7.

Visit the website to learn more about Saturday Morning Physics.

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