Stanley Naymola retires after 21 years at Fermilab

Stanley Naymola

Stanley Naymola arrived at Fermilab in 1996 as “just a team member,” as he put it. He’d joined the Computing Division to help support the computing needs of the laboratory’s experiments. Five years later, he became a group leader. Then in 2012, he became assistant head of the Data Movement and Storage Department.

After working at Fermilab for 21 years, he is now retiring. His last day at Fermilab is Nov. 17.

Over the years, Naymola managed groups that administered computing farms, public computing clusters, and most recently disk and tape storage services that store and provide access to all of Fermilab’s scientific data.

“He has worked with me in storage for about 10 years now,” said Gene Oleynik, head of the Data Movement and Storage Department. During Naymola’s time at Fermilab, the lab’s computing storage grew from tens of petabytes to more than a hundred petabytes. “In this time Stan has
been key in establishing storage as a real service for our customers.”

Naymola used IT best practices within the IT infrastructure library framework, managed the day-to-day operations of the storage services and, most recently, helped integrated CMS storage services into the department.

Naymola says he enjoys working at Fermilab, not just because of the challenging nature of his work, but also because of the lab’s great outdoors.

“The lab is a great place to walk or run — lots of very nice scenery,” Naymola said. “I like the inside of the Main Ring as a place to walk and clear my head.”

During retirement, Naymola will work on his honey-do list, including exploring national and state parks.

“He does a good job, and he will be missed,” Oleynik said.

Wish Naymola well at a luncheon on Friday, Nov. 10, noon, at Pal Joey’s in Batavia. Contatct Gene Oleynik by Tuesday, Oct. 31, to reserve your spot. Lunch will be $14/person.