Tevatron magnet on display at EUCAS 2017

A Tevatron magnet was on display for hundreds to see at the recent 13th European Conference on Applied Superconductivity, or EUCAS 2017. The conference, held at CERN, took place from Sept. 17-21.

The magnet, a 20-foot-long dipole built for the Tevatron (pictured below), appeared in the conference’s accelerator magnets exhibit. (As a spare, the selected magnet was ultimately never used in the machine.) Inclusion of the magnet in the exhibit recognized the Tevatron’s milestone achievement as the world’s first superconducting synchrotron.

Jack Kelly managed the transfer of the magnet to CERN, both the ownership and the physical device. Wayne Ostrom cleaned off 30 years’ worth of grime and gave the magnet a fresh coat of paint. The Fermi Site Office helped shepherd the acquisition through all the proper channels. Jamie Blowers and David Harding were the main points of contact at Fermilab, coordinating the project with conference chairs Luca Bottura and Lucio Rossi.

Thanks to all of them for making it possible to exhibit a treasure of particle physics history for our fellow scientific collaborators in Europe.

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