What was the DIFF in September? More than Open House

Congratulations to all who helped make the Sept. 23 Community Open House the successful event that it was. Thousands visited Fermilab, many for the first time, to learn about our history, science and the people who make it possible.

For many of us, the entire month of September was dedicated to preparing for the big day, but there was more to Fermilab’s September than that effort. Employees 3-D printed models. Contractors painted buildings. Some employees gathered their final harvest from their Fermilab garden plots. And a Chicago Blackhawk paid us a visit. You captured the everyday and the extraordinary on DIFF, the Daily Image From Fermilab project.

If you haven’t contributed yet, you have two-and-a-half months to make your mark in our yearbook. So far 129 Fermilab employees or users have submitted a photo. So take a picture and upload it to DIFF! Snap your hard-working colleague or a cloud that looks like a turtle. Point your lens at a carpet square and call it existential. As long as the photo is 1) related to Fermilab and 2) depicts nothing unsafe or unsavory, we’ll add it to the collection. And the more people who contribute, the better the representation of our laboratory.

You can view the full collection of DIFF photos on either diff.fnal.gov (viewable only on the Fermilab site or via VPN) or at 50.fnal.gov.

A small selection of the September DIFF photos is in the gallery below: pictures of people, nature, landscapes, buildings and everyday objects. Click on the magnifying glass (visible on mouseover) to view photos in full. And remember that a dedicated Open House photo gallery is online.