Free subscriptions for Overleaf Pro LaTeX and rich text tool

The Fermilab Library has free trial subscriptions available for Overleaf Pro, an online LaTeX and rich text collaborative writing and publishing tool. The free subscriptions are currently available through May 24, 2018. After that time, if the trial is successful, we will offer you the opportunity to renew your subscription. (We would then charge-back to your organization to allow for scalability. With our enterprise discount, a one-year subscription will be available at a cost of under $100 per license.

Features of Overleaf Pro include:

• Cloud service: no installation needed, just login and go to work.
• Overleaf merges changes from all authors transparently, so everyone always has the latest version.
• Warnings and intelligent help available for common LaTeX errors and a tracked changes feature
• Ability to see typeset display in real time.
• Change synchronization for all authors, so everyone always has the latest version.
• Each project has a direct link, which you can send to your co-authors so they can review and comment.

If you already have a free subscription, your content will automatically transfer to your Fermilab enterprise subscription. See a comparison of the plans available at Overleaf Pro vs. at

To sign up for a free trial subscription of Overleaf Pro, contact the Library at x3401 or