Mentorship cohort completes year-long program

Fourteen pairs of mentors and mentees recently celebrated completion of the successful mentorship initiative pilot program.

The mentoring program is an important part of ensuring the transfer of skills and knowledge and personal and professional development of our employee base. The award ceremony marked the end of the pilot year and recognized those who have committed their time to learning and growing and helping others to learn and grow.

Front row (left to right): Ben Galan (mentee), Ian Young (mentor), Deborah Jefferies (mentee), Sandra Efstathiou (mentee), Krysia Jacobs (mentor), Stephen Brice (mentor), Anne Schukraft (mentee), Tim Meyer (COO). Back row (left to right): Holly Lett (WDRS), Randy Ortgiesen (mentor), Elvin Harms (mentor), Krista Majewski (mentee), Marco Mambelli (mentee), Linda Valerio (mentor), Robert Zwaska (mentor), Jesse Batko (mentee). Photo: Reidar Hahn.