Thanks, friends!

Peter Garbincius, in October 1976, was three months on the job and still on probation.

Back in the late 1970s, the experimental areas were organized into the Meson Lab, the Neutrino Lab and the Proton Lab. I was a young member of the Proton Lab walking down the hallway on the 11th floor of Wilson Hall when an administrative staff member handed me a telephone and asked me to please take this call. OK!

I listened patiently while the caller explained how a proton could be held together with hooks and springs. When he had finished his description, I asked why he was talking to me. He answered, “Well, you’re in charge of protons.” I had to agree, but then suggested that maybe he should be talking to the Theory Department.

His answer, “They transferred me to you.” I see… With friends like that…