What was the DIFF in October?

October has come and gone, but it lives on in DIFF: the Daily Image From Fermilab. Check out our October picture book either on our 50th anniversary website or at the DIFF website, http://diff.fnal.gov (viewable only on the Fermilab site or via VPN).

And while you’re on the DIFF site, why not contribute a picture and upload it to DIFF, our 50th-anniversary yearbook? As of this writing, 137 people have contributed 1,360 photos. Join their ranks — we have two months left in 2017. As long as the photo is 1) related to Fermilab and 2) depicts nothing unsafe or unsavory, we’ll add it to the collection. The more people who contribute, the better the representation of our laboratory.

In the meantime, revisit some of the moments captured in DIFF in the gallery below: A beautiful sunrise to start the month. A friend holding an M&M model airplane. An electronic counter in a lab. A demolition. Gorgeous autumn colors. And more! Click the magnifying glass in the lower right corner to view pictures in full.