In memoriam: Charlie Briegel

Charlie Briegel, a member of the Accelerator Division Controls Department for 42 years, passed away Dec. 3. His original task was to write and maintain the software that programmed the main magnets for the Main Ring. His support was indispensable in keeping the machine running properly. He then became one of the founders of the ACNET control system, which has successfully operated the accelerator complex from the start of Tevatron operations until the present time. He also served as deputy head of the Controls Department from 1997-2001. Much of his work involved front-end programming for beam instrumentation, and he was known for being able to connect just about anything to the control system. He was also known as a very good trouble shooter, and he was always more than willing to help anyone. Even though he was a member of the Controls Department, he was always aware of and interested in everything that the lab was involved with. As a result, he also made significant contributions to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. In recognition of this work, a minor planet was named for him. He also participated in developing ILC-style beam position monitors at KEK in Japan. But despite all his technical accomplishments, Charlie will be most remembered for his passionate personality. He always had an insightful thought to contribute in any situation. He had a great sense of humor and always seemed to have a smile. No matter how difficult the problem or how great the pressure, Charlie was never daunted by any challenge and always managed to make the work fun. He was a great pleasure to work with and will be deeply missed by many in the Accelerator Division as well as the rest of the lab.