Make Fermilab at Work your home page

In the next few days, you will notice a change in the Fermilab website’s top navigation bars. Perhaps the biggest change is that the top menu of the Fermilab public-facing home page,, will no longer display a link to Fermilab at Work. But don’t worry! The link is not disappearing altogether.

The Fermilab at Work link will continue to be displayed:

  • at the top of every internal website — the sites that display the laboratory logo in a bright, marlin blue field. (See, for example,
  • at the top of every Fermipoint site
  • at the footer of every Fermilab webpage, both public and internal

In light of this change, we recommend that you

We also take this opportunity to remind you that we disseminate a daily news email, Fermilab Today, to which you are welcome to subscribe. And those not already receiving our weekly newsletter Fermilab This Week, such as users and DOE personnel, should feel free to subscribe online.

Why the change to the top navigation of our website? Fermilab at Work hosts content — articles, announcements, photos, classified ads — intended for Fermilab employees and users. Now that Fermilab at Work has been serving as the online workforce hub for two years and workers have become accustomed to visiting the page, it is time to remove the Fermilab at Work link from pages that are readily available to the public, such as the Fermilab main page.

We encourage you to make Fermilab at Work your browser home page now. If you have questions, please contact the Office of Communication at x3351.