Dmitri Denisov elected APS FIP member-at-large

Dmitri Denisov

In December, Fermilab scientist Dmitri Denisov was elected as member-at-large of the Executive Committee of the American Physical Society Forum on International Physics, or FIP. On Jan. 1, 2018, he began serving his four-year term.

Denisov joins Fermilab scientist Vladimir Shiltsev as members-at-large of the APS FIP Executive Committee and Emanuela Barzi, who was elected FIP councilor.

“Serving as FIP member-at-large will give me an opportunity to share my extensive experience with colleagues from all APS forums and divisions and to share productive and mutually beneficial scientific cooperation,” Denisov said. “I will work actively on preserving and improving open exchange and cooperation between scientists from all countries and on existing challenges, including access of foreign scientists to the U.S.”

Denisov is DZero co-spokesperson and the North American regional contact for the Linear Collider Collaboration Physics and Detectors Executive Board. He is chief referee of CERN’s LHCC Committee, a member of international and advisory committees of major particle physics conferences, and serves on multiple advisory and review boards in the U.S. and abroad. His research includes studies of interactions of particles and nuclei, the search for new particles and forces at the energy frontier, and the development of new detectors and experimental methods for nuclear and elementary particle experiments.

The Forum on International Physics is a voluntary association of APS members who are interested in advancing the knowledge of physics and its diffusion by fostering cooperation and communication among physicists of all countries. The FIP organizes focused sessions at APS meetings, receives nominations for APS fellowships and the Wheatley Award, and communicates with its members. The FIP also cooperates with several other APS bodies in charge of international scientific affairs. But the unique strength of the FIP lies in the openness of its agenda, which reflects the grass-roots origin of the forum.
Fermilab congratulates Denisov on his election.

Fermilab scientists and users should feel free to contact Barzi, Denisov and Shiltsev with any questions or proposals related to APS FIP activities.