LPC announces 2018 CMS-LPC Distinguished Researchers

Sergo Jindariani

The LHC Physics Center (LPC) at Fermilab announces the selection of its CMS-LPC Distinguished Researchers (DRs) for 2018.

The DR program has been a defining feature of the LPC at Fermilab for the last seven years. The 15 CMS physicists selected as LPC Distinguished Researchers, 12 juniors and three seniors, are accomplished individuals at different stages of their careers. This program provides resources to help strengthen and expand their research programs. Funding for the program is made possible by the CMS Center at Fermilab, the U.S. CMS Research Program and a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.

The 2018 Distinguished Researchers were selected by the LPC Management Board in a competitive process.

You can read the bios of the Distinguished Researchers, shown below, at the LPC website.

Members of the LPC Management Board, who selected these DRs, are Juan Alcaraz Maestre (CIEMAT, Madrid), Guenther Dissertori (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Sarah Eno (University of Maryland), Robin Erbacher (University of California, Davis), Cecilia Gerber (University of Illinois at Chicago, board chair), Eva Halkiadakis (Rutgers), Sergo Jindariani (Fermilab), Boaz Klima (Fermilab, board chair), Harrison Prosper (Florida State University), Greg Snow (University of Nebraska) and Lenny Spiegel (Fermilab). Ex-officio members are Lothar Bauerdick (Fermilab), Kevin Burkett (Fermilab), Joel Butler (Fermilab), and Meenakshi Narain (Brown).

Sergo Jindariani is a a co-coordinator of the LHC Physics Center at Fermilab.

Pictured here are the 2018 CMS-LPC Distinguished Researchers.

Pictured here are the 2018 CMS-LPC Distinguished Researchers.