New federal income tax withholding rates

In response to changes made by the recent tax reform legislation, Fermilab Payroll has revised the income-tax withholding tables for 2018. As a result, all Fermilab paychecks dated January 26, 2018 and beyond reflect this change. You may see that less Federal income tax has been withheld from your pay. You can learn more about these changes and how they may impact you by referencing the IRS official website. A short summary, including helpful links, is provided below.

On January 11, 2018, the IRS released Notice 1036, which updates the income-tax withholding tables for 2018 reflecting changes made by the tax reform legislation enacted in December. The updated withholding information, posted on, shows the new rates for employers to use during 2018. More information is available in the IRS Withholding Tables Frequently Asked Questions link and from the IRS Newsroom

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