Three hundred sixty-five days of photos at DIFF

Our 50th-anniversary year as come and gone, and those of you who participated in DIFF — the Daily Image From Fermilab — managed to take a picture at Fermilab every day of 2017. Congratulations!

Last year, 150 photographers took 1,557 photos of Fermilab for DIFF.

In December we saw a skating coyote, reminders of years past, the close of our 50th anniversary celebration, and people doing science.

Props and kudos go to Fermilab scientist Elliott McCrory, who spearheaded the effort and rallied the laboratory’s know photography warhorses to ensure that no day would go unphotographed. Maura Barone researched the appropriate software and set up the DIFF webpages on the 50th-anniversary website and at

You can see all the photos either on our 50th anniversary website or at the DIFF website, (viewable only on the Fermilab site or via VPN).

Below is a selection of December photos. Click on the magnifying glass in the right corner to view photos in full. Don’t let this gallery stop you from viewing them all!