We want to hear from you about the Fermilab Colloquium

Chris Stoughton

Pushpa Bhat has ably steered the Colloquium program for the past thee years to bring us engaging speakers on compelling issues. Thanks to her efforts, we’ve learned about developments in quantum computing, solid-state physics, dark energy — even scientific journal publication.

I have the honor of succeeding Pushpa as chair of the Fermilab Colloquium Committee in January, and I hope to meet the high standard she has set. You can help!

We all know and love the Colloquium series. It’s a perk of working at Fermilab. We get to hear from influential people not only in physics, but also in all areas of science. As the incoming chair of the Colloquium Committee, I want to make the seminars relevant to you, and so I’d like to hear from you.

Do you have suggestions for speakers or topics? Submit them on the input form on the Colloquium website, or email me.

Also, consider joining the Colloquium Committee. Have a say in our speaker schedule, meet interesting people, and enjoy the lunch we host for the speaker each week.

The Colloquium series, one of Fermilab’s most cherished offerings, is a mainstay of our community. We want our slate of speakers to represent the interests of our laboratory’s employees and users. Please make your voice heard!