Wilson Hall cafeteria ceiling improvements

Starting on Feb. 12, the Wilson Hall cafeteria seating area will undergo big changes!

FESS will temporarily redistribute seating along the east and west atrium areas while they install new lighting and acoustical tiles above the seating area. The old egg crate fluorescent light fixtures will be removed in their entirety. In their place. FESS will install high-efficiency LED pendant light fixtures and decorative acoustical ceiling panels. Lighting levels will remain approximately the same. However, the color will be a more natural look. Bright, decorative acoustical panels in Fermilab blue, orange and green will not only bring a more energetic feel to the ceiling, but also cut down on sound reverberation.

The work will be performed in two phases, with phase one being the west half of the ceiling. Construction is expected to last approximately two months. We appreciate your patience as we bring you this new and exciting look to the cafeteria.

New pendant light fixtures with floating acoustical panels

Phase 1 & 2 areas of work with temporary seating arrangement for Phase 1.