Mentors sought for summer teacher interns

Supervisors/jobs are sought for teachers that will be at Fermilab this summer as part of the Fermilab TRAC program. Any Fermilab employee or user can be a mentor. The teachers are at Fermilab for 8 weeks starting in early June and are fully paid for by the TRAC program. Past mentors of teachers on this programs have found mentoring to be a truly worthwhile experience.

The teachers in the TRAC program are outstanding science, mathematics, computer science, or technology teachers from high or middle schools. Some are local while others are from around the country, all are uniformly enthusiastic to learn about our science. These teachers can reach hundreds of high school and middle school students giving them tremendous leverage to communicate the excitement and challenge of our science. The teachers really appreciate the hands-on experience at the lab that lets them better connect what they teach in the classroom with current science research.

The TRAC program represents an excellent outreach opportunity, as well as a way to help us get work done. However these important programs need the participation of dedicated mentors in order to succeed. If you have a summer opportunity in your experiment or organization, or wish to discuss job possibilities please contact Harry Cheung at You can find some information on the program and read about former interns and their experiences at the following URL: