Pack a lunch and learn about education and outreach opportunities at Fermilab

Spencer Pasero

Physics and snacks — together again!

On Tuesday, Feb. 27, from noon to 1 p.m. in One West, the Education Office will host a brown bag lunch on outreach opportunities at Fermilab. The meeting is open to anyone who’d like to satisfy their stomachs and their interests in helping with science education.

Come learn about new and existing opportunities for graduate students, scientists and others interested in science education, and find out how you can get involved with Fermilab programs aimed at sparking children’s interest in science. Also, hear what others have to say about their outreach activities: Fermilab employees Elvin Harms, Marco Mambelli, Lucy Nobrega and Erika Catano-Mur will discuss their experiences in speaking with students and developing new classroom presentations on computing, engineering and neutrino physics for the K-12 set.

Outreach is rewarding. You have an effect on young students, motivating and inspiring them to one day become an engineer or scientist. Our program focuses on K-12 students, so you’ll be able to reach future STEM experts during their formative years.

And for anyone who can’t attend but is interested in participating, email Susan Dahl at to be added to the Education Office’s listserv of potential contributors.

Spencer Pasero is the head of the Fermilab Office of Education and Public Outreach.