Philosophy Society: A. Burov, “Marxian System and its Mythos”, Friday, March 2, 12:00, WH4NW

The previous year was the 100th anniversary of the Russian Bolshevik revolution and 150th anniversary of “The Capital”, while this one is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx. The series of 5 talks I am going to give is associated with the man, who, alas, turned the world upside down. During the first talk, I will demonstrate current popularity of Marx and briefly review the most interesting books and articles on his doctrine. The next talks will be devoted to two questions: first, the relation between the Marxian doctrine and Marxist dictatorships and, second, a reason to suspect that Marxism may be eternal. This series of talks mostly will be based on my article published in the Russian political and sociological journal “A Different View”, edited by an eminent historian and world religions scholar Andrei Zubov.

Feel free to come with your lunch.