Zipcar comes to Fermilab

The Village has a Zipcar! Photo: Jack Hawkins

You asked, we listened. Fermilab has established a pilot program with Zipcar.

While research on the prairie certainly has its perks — beautiful scenery and fun wildlife sightings — it isn’t conducive for those without cars or who don’t drive. Fermilab enjoys visiting scientists and engineers from all over the world, and many of them have to rely on taxi cabs, hitching rides, bicycles or long walks to get groceries, go to the bank or just enjoy life outside the lab.

Understandably, the user community has been requesting a car for their use for some time, and for these patient users — and any Fermilab badge holder — Zipcar is now here. Join the Zipcar carshare program!

You can join from the Global Services website. Our Zipcar is Subaru Crosstrek, located in the Village for easy access. A one-time application fee of $25.19 is required, and the share rate is $8.50 per hour. You can reserve a car by the hour or all day. Your access to the carshare program is driven by your Fermilab access dates (remote or physical access).

Once you become a member of Fermilab’s carshare program, your membership gives you access to Zipcars around the world. All employees, users and contractors are welcome to join in on the ride! The process is easy, fast and cost-effective.

For more information about the carshare program and Zipcar, visit the Global Services website or send an email to the

Griselda Lopez is the Fermilab global services manager.