Fermilab Workshop on Megawatt Rings and IOTA/FAST Collaboration Meeting (2018)

The goal of the four day (May 7-10, 2018) workshop is to review the progress to date and operational challenges of high-intensity proton rapid cycling synchrotrons (RCSs), as well as to discuss accelerator and beam physics research, focused on opportunities offered by Fermilab facilities. The first day of the workshop will be dedicated to the Proton Improvement Plan (PIP) — the upgrade of the Fermilab Proton Source to deliver 2.4E17 protons per hour at 15 Hz. The hardware improvements made for PIP and the beam physics for understanding high-intensity operations in the Fermilab Booster will be presented.

The second day will include discussions of hardware components, experiments and simulations needed to increase beam power on target with existing Fermilab accelerators to 1 MW and beyond. The topics will include beam instabilities, space-charge effects, longitudinal dynamics, losses and collimation, beam optics, etc.

The third and fourth days will be dedicated to the annual IOTA/FAST collaboration meeting that will overview the progress of the facility construction, commissioning and its experimental program. The key workshop topics are (1) accelerator research with IOTA and (2) research opportunities offered by the FAST electron linac.

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