Get a suspicious email? Check out our new web feature

Jessie Pudelek

Have you ever gotten a suspicious-looking email, but you’re not sure if it’s phishing or not?

The Cybersecurity Team (CST) has a new resource to help you out!

Introducing Suspicious Emails of the Week, a list of the suspicious (potentially malicious) emails that have either been reported to us by members of the Fermilab community or messages that we have come across ourselves. The list contains a brief description of the message, the subject line, the date that it was reported, and a screenshot to help you compare and contrast against your message.

Another resource to check is the Legitimate (But Suspicious) Emails page. Sometimes real emails will carry all the typical signs of a malicious message, even though they are totally real. If you don’t see your email on the Suspicious Emails list, it might be here.

Both lists can be accessed on the right-hand side of our cybersecurity awareness website

Regardless if you can find your message in one of these lists or not, please forward all suspicious messages to CST for analysis at

If the message is already on a list, we will be informed of how many individuals are receiving the same message. If it is not on a list, we will be able to block the offending links and add it to the list to help warn others not to click!

Jessie Pudelek is a computer security analyst at Fermilab.