In photos: 2018 Engineers Retreat

On Feb. 20, Fermilab engineers participated in National Engineers Week with their fourth Engineers Retreat.

The annual event, hosted by the Fermilab Engineering Advisory Council, is an opportunity for engineers from across the laboratory to celebrate the project successes in which engineering made contributions and to network with each other, encouraging the cross-pollination of ideas. It’s also a chance to gather feedback in key areas that can be addressed by EAC and senior management.

The retreat included talks by speakers both at and outside Fermilab. Former Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition Sean Stackley gave the keynote address. The retreat also included a symposium — Fermilab’s first engineering symposium featuring an employee of SpaceX, Bradly Verdant. Verdant, a former Fermilab employee, gave a presentation titled “Making Humankind an Interplanetary Species.”

Engineers participated in sessions on being an inventor, how to get promoted and the lab’s various development and outreach opportunities. In smaller breakout sessions, they addressed topics such as succession planning, software licensing, peer reviews, mentoring, publishing peer-reviewed papers, the consolidation of design and drafting, and 3-D printing at the lab.

In general, participants said they enjoyed the retreat since it gave people a chance to meet new colleagues and an opportunity to discuss issues facing Fermilab engineers in small groups. Many encouraged more small-work group and problem-solving at next year’s retreat.

In honor of our engineers, Fermilab Creative Services created a slideshow showcasing the work they do for the laboratory.