Andreas Kronfeld, Robert Edwards lead USQCD collaboration

Andreas Kronfeld and Robert Edwards

On April 7, Fermilab scientist Andreas Kronfeld and Jefferson Lab scientist Robert Edwards assumed the roles of spokesperson and deputy spokesperson, respectively, of the USQCD collaboration. The collaboration’s Executive Committee elected Kronfeld and Edwards unanimously to lead the U.S. theoretical-physics group.

They succeed Fermilab physicist Paul Mackenzie, who closes out his term as spokesperson after more than nine years and was a charter member of the USQCD Executive Committee.

The USQCD collaboration welcomes Kronfeld and Edwards in their new leadership positions and thanks Mackenzie for everything he has done to lead lattice QCD research in the United States

USQCD is a collaboration of U.S. scientists developing and using large-scale computers for calculations in lattice quantum chromodynamics, which allow us to understand the results of particle and nuclear physics experiments in terms of the theory of quarks and gluons.

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