From the CFO: Update on the Budget and Planning System

Vanessa Peoples

As we approach the start of our FY19 budget planning season, I wanted to provide to you an update on the status of our labwide Budget and Planning System (BPS) and our current budgeting plans for this year.

On April 26, the BPS project team successfully rolled out an enhanced version of BPS that enables the new system to be used for FY19 budget formulation. One of the primary goals of BPS is to standardize processes across the lab to improve budget efficiency and transparency. Using BPS, the lab will benefit tremendously from having consistent information across the organization to inform decision making.

The Budget Office will soon begin entering FY19 budget guidance and assumptions into BPS. In May and June, users will be using the new system to prepare FY19 budgets. Our goal is to have an initial version of our FY19 budget loaded into BPS by mid-summer.

As we move through the budget formulation cycle, sufficient training will be provided to ensure that everyone who needs to use BPS will have time to acquaint themselves with the system and the activities they will need to perform. More information, as well as periodic schedule updates, can be found on the BPS website,

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the BPS project team whose members have worked diligently to bring BPS to fruition.

Vanessa Peoples is the Fermilab chief financial officer.