Check out All Things Neutrino and new home page

Fermilab is positioning itself to be the neutrino capital of the world, and this week the lab launches two new bright, bold web attractions that will draw a wider audience to the wonder of neutrinos and our laboratory.

The first is a new website. We are proud to launch All Things Neutrino. Think of it as the ultimate encyclopedia entry on neutrinos. It covers the different neutrino types, the various ways to make them and the pressing questions scientists seek to answer by studying them. Most sections are presented in two versions: one that is written for the curious nonspecialist and another that is written for people who have a more scientific background. (Three of the sections have an additional, third version, written for the specialist. Browse the site — see if you can find them!)

Share All Things Neutrino with your friends, family, neighbors and pets. Let them discover the joy of neutrinos. And if you ever have a question yourself, make All Things Neutrino your first stop. It should have the information that you seek.

We are equally pleased to reveal a new, modern Fermilab home page. The new page promotes LBNF/DUNE, public events and Fermilab-hosted conferences. It also highlights our major research areas, news stories and outside media coverage of the lab. The updated design is in keeping with a forward-looking laboratory.

If you have questions or feedback about either, please contact the Office of Communication at x3351.