From Chief Safety Officer Martha Michels: ESH&Q’s top five

Martha Michels

The Environment, Safety Health and Quality Section held an all-hands meeting on May 7. Following are the top five messages from the presentation.

  1. Safety remains paramount at Fermilab and at the new South Dakota Services Division.A continued emphasis on working safely at Fermilab and South Dakota is needed. Safety is the number one priority for every project and all operations at both locations.
  2. Hosting the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility and Deep Underground Neutrino Project (LBNF/DUNE) is a labwide effort. No matter what job you do, it supports the lab’s flagship project in some way. Many ESH&Q staff members have a direct role with SURF/South Dakota operations, while others play an indirect role by keeping the business going in Batavia in a safe, efficient and predictable manner.
  3. What you do matters (thank you, Secretary Perry). “What you do matters” is something the Secretary of Energy said during his last town hall meeting. Sometimes the support organizations get lost in the big science – BUT – what we do matters.
  4. Understanding our risks will inform our planning (resource and other). Risk identification and tracking is an important part of management and strategic planning. Each division/section has a risk officer (RO). Amber Kenney is the RO for ESH&Q. The ROs sit on a committee called the Risk Management Board and together they manage the lab’s operational risks.
  5. Succession planning is critical for operational support groups. One of our risks is succession planning.  The interlocks and instrumentation teams are top of mind, but there are other areas that are vulnerable, too, that we are working to address.