From Chief Strategic Partnerships Officer Alison Markovitz: CSPO’s top five

Alison Markovitz

The Office of the Chief Strategic Partnerships Officer held an all-hands meeting on May 31 to discuss recent accomplishments in communicating the lab’s mission to a variety of audiences and working with our U.S. and international partners. Here are the top five messages from the presentation:

Fermilab communications plays a key role supporting LBNF/DUNE as Fermilab’s flagship project. Some recent efforts include: a new LBNF/DUNE website; the Faces of DUNE project; the All Things Neutrino website; coverage of ProtoDUNE by Fermilab and CERN; and U.S. and international coverage of DUNE including in the UK, India, Canada, Germany, Italy, Mexico and Spain.

International partners are an important part of Fermilab’s success. Fermilab’s international partners are providing substantial contributions to the Fermilab-hosted LBNF/DUNE, PIP-II and SBN projects. In addition, Fermilab makes important contributions at CERN to the Large Hadron Collider and CMS experiment. The DUNE experiment is truly international, with collaborators from over 30 nations and co-spokespersons elected by the collaboration. The Resources Review Board is part of the international project governance structure for DUNE and serves as a convening forum for the international funding agencies that support DUNE.

Fermilab is the host laboratory for LBNF/DUNE in Illinois and South Dakota. As host laboratory, Fermilab integrates work from across the lab, now and in the future. This includes the accelerator complex and PIP-II, the Integrated Engineering Research Center, the Short-Baseline Neutrino program, advanced computing capabilities and the necessary support systems. Fermilab’s new South Dakota Services Division is based at the Sanford Underground Research Facility and will provide the operational and support services in South Dakota, similar to those that exist at Fermilab in Illinois.

There is strong U.S support of Fermilab and its priorities. Fermilab received strong support in the FY18 budget, including full funding for LBNF/DUNE and PIP-II. In addition, Fermilab recently hosted a delegation from the House Science Committee. You can see coverage of the visit, including a video with statements from the delegation.

Fermilab employees serve as ambassadors for the lab’s mission, and for welcoming the world at Fermilab. The Office of Communication is engaged with laboratory leadership and is a resource to ensure employees are connected to the lab’s mission, its science goals and fostering a diverse and inclusive environment.