From Nigel Lockyer: Fermilab’s top five

Nigel Lockyer

Editor’s note: The video of the April 27 all-hands meeting is now available online. Access to the Fermilab network is required to view the video.

The April 27 all-hands meeting covered a lot of ground. This column summarizes the highlights from the State of the Lab presentation.

  1. Safety paramount at Fermilab and new South Dakota Operations Division.A continued emphasis on working safely at Fermilab and South Dakota is needed. Safety is the number one priority for every project and all operations at Fermilab and South Dakota. A new SD division will support both the LBNF/DUNE project construction and operations.
  2. Labwide effort.As host to the world for the LBNF/DUNE neutrino project, Fermilab will integrate work from across the lab, now and in the future. Key areas include the accelerator complex and PIP-II, the Integrated Engineering Research Center, short-baseline neutrino program, advanced computing capabilities, and the necessary support systems such as Safety, Procurement and Finance.
  3. Broad support for LBNF/DUNE and PIP-II.Outstanding LBNF/DUNE FY18 budget support allows restart for beamline design here at Fermilab. DUNE continues to secure international support (1,078 collaborators from 175 institutions in 32 countries). With a new management structure in place and substantial international contributions cemented, the PIP-II team is poised for ESAAB CD-1 review in June.
  4. Integrated Engineering Research Center.Fermilab’s Campus Master Plan positions the lab to support the international DUNE experiment, LBNF and PIP-II. The Integrated Engineering Research Center will provide state-of-the-art laboratories, engineering and technical spaces within a collaborative environment that will host scientists and engineers from around the world at Fermilab.
  5. LHC/CMS.CMS physics program makes historical step in the understanding of the Higgs boson: first observation of the associated production of Higgs bosons and top quarks. Fermilab leads the High-Luminosity LHC Accelerator Upgrade Project that will provide components for the upgraded accelerator at CERN.