In memoriam: Michelle Gleason

Fermilab retiree Michelle Gleason passed away suddenly on Friday, May 4, in Oak Lawn, Illinois. Michelle Gleason retired from Fermilab in 2014 after 40 years of dedicated service. During her term at Fermilab she had worked with three Laboratory Directors who recognized and acknowledged her for the outstanding administrative support in the Director’s office. As the Executive Assistant, Michelle was the face of the Director’s office and thus the laboratory. Michelle was known as the go-to person, knew how to get things done, and thrived on getting them done. She took great pride in executing her work. Her wisdom has been an invaluable resource to Fermilab. Michelle began her career at Fermilab as a clerk in the payroll office and later worked as a secretary in the Neutron Therapy Facility. She then moved over to DZero, in the experiment’s very early years. In her retirement years, Michelle continued to be a part of the Fermilab Golf League, she also did some fly fishing at the ponds on site, enjoyed gardening, and enjoyed the natural beauty of Fermilab.

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