OSG certificate authority shutting down after May 31, 2018

The OSG CA, which has been providing personal certificates to OSG members for many years, will stop providing services on May 31, 2018. After that date, no certificates from the OSG CA will be issued.

If you use an OSG CA personal certificate (see below for details) to access certain applications and services, you must either renew your certificate prior to May 31, 2018, or obtain a different certificate to continue accessing these services.


  • To determine whether you are using an OSG CA personal certificate, see this article
  • You may renew your personal OSG CA certificate before May 31, 2018 and continue to use it for another 13 months until it expires, or you can use or obtain a personal certificate from the CILogon Basic CA. As the OSG CA reaches end of its life, all OSG CA users will get their personal certs from CILogon Basic CA.  Instructions for how to obtain a CILogon Basic CA certificate are available in this article
  • If you use your personal certificate to work with international collaborators, and if you must have an IGTF-accredited personal certificate, please open a Service Desk ticket immediately. OSG CA and CILogon Basic CA have different accreditation levels. We will guide you through the process.

If you have any questions about this email, please contact the Service Desk.