Register for the 2018 Fermilab Users Meeting – June 20-21

The 51st Fermilab Annual Users Meeting is less than two months away! On June 20-21, the Fermilab user community will converge to discuss the latest leading-edge science, facilities and user life at the lab.

To kick everything off, there will be the traditional Festa Italiana the evening before the first full day of the Users Meeting, on Tuesday, June 19, at 8 p.m. in Kuhn Barn. Attendees are invited to come socialize over food and beverages.

There will be exciting talks on collider physics, particle astrophysics, muon physics and neutrino programs. It will be a great opportunity to hear the latest results from experiments and to consider what new physics opportunities there are based on theoretical-physics talks.

This meeting also marks the Tevatron analyses finale from CDF and DZero. Join us to celebrate the success of Tevatron physics program!

This year’s agenda features the facility and technology side of research. The Fermilab Technical and Accelerator divisions, for example, conduct work in areas where we can help maximize the lab’s scientific productivity and impact. Attendees will learn about project status and plans in both divisions, as well as in detector R&D.

The high-energy physics community is making progress in converging on a Higgs factory with one of four future facilities: ILC, CLIC, CepC or FCCee. The European Strategy Update — the European version of the U.S. Snowmass and P5 processes — will weigh in on those Higgs factory options this year, so the 51st Users Meeting offers an excellent opportunity for Fermilab users to learn more about this big, future project in our community.

Quantum computing is one of the latest exciting technologies in the computing sciences, and Fermilab is partnering with various industries and institutions to develop the technology at the lab. The Scientific Computing Division will present an overview of their efforts in this area.

Users will have the opportunity to hear highlights from the Users Executive Committee and the Fermilab Student and Postdoc Association about their activities over the last year and projected future goals. The first day plenary session will also feature a talk on diversity and inclusion to encourage community-wide discussions on this topic, as UEC acknowledges that these are necessarily pervasive considerations of all our interactions.

On the first full day of the meeting, there will be a UEC lunch panel featuring UEC and Directorate members to provide a forum for users to interact with the UEC and bring up any questions and concerns they may have. UEC is also organizing a science communication training session with the Office of Communication on the second day to help equip participating scientists with important skills on communicating science to nonscientists.

On June 21 at 4:45 p.m., award-winning theoretical physicist Professor Sylvester James Gates of Brown University will give a keynote lecture titled “A Vision of Science and Culture,” an inspirational reminder on the importance and the impact of our work to society.

Before the Users Meeting, from June 18-19, the Fermilab Student and Postdoc Association will hold its annual New Perspectives Conference for graduate students, postdocs and undergrads to present their work to an audience of peers in a low-pressure environment. New Perspectives has grown to be a highlight of Fermilab’s conference program because it provides early-career members of the user community with an opportunity to gain experience and learn from their colleagues.

This year we invite you to participate in the Users Meeting Slack channel, and we strongly suggest downloading the Fermilab Annual Users Meeting app for the agenda and other highlights.

More details are provided on the Users Meeting website. Please register for the Users Meeting by June 12.

The Universities Research Association is sponsoring travel grants for eligible early-career scientists to attend the 2018 New Perspectives and Annual Users Meeting. Apply by May 14.

We look forward to seeing you at 2018 Users Meeting and celebrating the achievements of the Fermilab community!

Sowjanya Gollapinni is the Fermilab Users Executive Committee chair. Gavin Davies (co-deputy chair), Jiyeon Han (co-deputy chair), Leonidas Soplin, Thomas Strauss and Tammy Walton (chair) are members of the UEC Users Meeting Subcommittee. Meredith Ament, Joy Pomillo and Melody Saperston are the conference organizers.