LPC starts its 2018 HATS program

The LHC Physics Center (LPC) at Fermilab, which serves hundreds of CMS physicists from U.S. institutions and other countries worldwide, is hosting the Summer 2018 Hands-on Advanced Tutorial Sessions (HATS) program. This program consists of 21 HATS on hardware, software, triggers and analysis tools, among other topics. The full list of 2018 HATS @LPC is available online.

These HATS provide provide an excellent training ground for new graduate students and postdocs transitioning from other experiments. They range from foundations of reconstruction of CMS physics objects to advanced machine learning as a sophisticated tool for CMS data analysis. Many LPC experts have volunteered to prepare and run the tutorials, providing a great opportunity for CMS members to learn all they need in order to get involved or boost their productivity in Run 2 data analysis.

These tutorial sessions, most of which are a day long, take place this summer over a roughly two-month period. Dozens of students and postdocs participate in each session. The HATS are very popular and are well attended, with the machine learning session receiving the largest number of participants so far.

Cecilia Gerber and Sergo Jindariani are co-coordinators of the LHC Physics Center at Fermilab.

View photos from HATS sessions below. All photos are courtesy of Marguerite Tonjes.