Top five from the Office of Project Support Services

Richard Marcum

On June 19, the Office of Project Support Services, the Office of the Chief Project Officer and the Office of Integrated Planning and Performance Management held an all-hands meeting. These offices work to ensure that all of the laboratory’s projects are on schedule, on budget and safe.

1. Safety is of paramount importance. OCPO, OPSS and OIPPM are committed to safety and will look for opportunities to ensure safe working conditions. We will practice personal safety, actively promote safety in others, and ensure that safety processes are reflected in project planning. Project schedules are affected by our safety performance, and we will remain flexible, adapting our schedules around safety requirements.

2. We will support the lab’s major projects and help move them forward. We are committed to helping advance the LBNF/DUNE project, the PIP-II accelerator, the Integrated Engineering and Research Center, and the upgrades to both the Large Hadron Collider accelerator and the CMS detector. We will also not lose sight of the Mu2e experiment, which is vitally important for the laboratory.

3. We will continue to update our processes to support these projects. We provide support for these projects through continued project control specialist (PCS) planning support and with other management tools, processes, templates and practices. We will share lessons learned between projects and focus on planning and performance analysis, and will provide expert review of project plans. PCS teams should be looked at as contributors to these projects.

4. Transparency is key. Our offices interface with the DOE Fermi Site Office regularly, and we will continue efforts to foster transparency, partnerships and cooperation between our PCS project teams and the Site Office. These partnerships are what make Fermilab a success.

5. We will continue to refine our understanding of the laboratory’s labor resources. We will keep improving our efforts to strategically plan for the labor resources at Fermilab, both in the short term and in the long term.

Richard Marcum is the head of the Office of Project Support Services.