CMS publishes 800th paper

Boaz Klima

We are happy to share with you the exciting news that yesterday CMS reached a major milestone by submitting for publication its 800th paper.

As you can see in its Publications website, the very first CMS paper on the detector was published back in early 2008, followed in late 2009 by a series of detector performance papers, all published in JINST. Starting in early 2010, CMS has been publishing over 100 papers every year on physics analyses using LHC collision data. The Publications timeline of collider-data papers split by physics topics is available on the CMS results webpage.

Last year, 2017, CMS published 132 papers, mostly analyzing Run2 data. In 2018 CMS submitted so far 70 papers for publication, which correspond to an annual rate of about 140 papers or a weekly rate of almost 3 papers.

The credit for this impressive milestone obviously goes to all members of the CMS collaboration.

Fermilab scientist Boaz Klima is the CMS Publications Committee chair.