LDRD proposals due Aug. 31

William Wester

William Wester

We’re already halfway through the lab’s active summer months, so don’t let the entire season go by without considering submitting a proposal through the LDRD program.

Participating in the Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) project is a wonderful opportunity. If you have an idea for which start-up support might make a big difference to the future of the laboratory, consider sharing it with us through LDRD.

We’ve recently issued a call for proposals. All laboratory employees are eligible to become a PI and to receive funding to carry out R&D in a novel area at the forefront of science or technology and aligned with the mission and strategic outlook of Fermilab and the Department of Energy.

This is the sixth call for proposals through the Fermilab LDRD program, which has enabled projects in the areas of accelerator science, accelerator technology, cosmology, dark matter research, detector technology, collider physics, neutrino physics, quantum science and scientific computing.

A first step is to prepare a one- to two-page preliminary proposal and vet it with your supervisor and division management. This is due to the LDRD program by Aug. 31. Please use the Preliminary Proposal template found at the LDRD website.

Feel free to direct questions to me at wester@fnal.gov. In addition, I will host an LDRD info session to learn more about the process from noon-1 p.m. in Curia II on Thursday, Aug. 16.

William Wester is the Fermilab LDRD coordinator.