2019 Mentoring Initiative

The Professional Development Office is actively seeking mentors and mentees for the 2019 cohort. The program provides a professional development opportunity for lab employees who elect to become mentees or mentors and who are interested in ongoing learning.

Mentees will receive guidance in navigating their professional development and careers, while mentors will gain new perspectives on the lab and discover diverse ideas by engaging mentees. The program is open to those either seeking to mentor or those seeking to be a mentee, as well as individuals who are currently in a mentoring relationship.

What participants are saying

“I appreciate my mentor’s sincerity and willingness to share.” ~ Mentee

“Be ready to make some changes.” ~ Mentee

“I’ve gained insight into an employee’s experience that helps me lead my team more effectively and

adjust my communication style for my own team.” ~ Mentor

“[Mentoring] helps keep my finger on the “pulse” of the Lab.” ~ Mentor

To participate as a mentee, you must have strong desire to learn and have been at the lab for a minimum of two years. Mentors must have a strong interest in developing others, coupled with a desire for shared learning.

The 2019 Mentoring Initiative will roll out in the following phases:

July through November: Mentee and mentor profile submission

  • December: Matching mentee and mentor pairs
  • January: Finalize matched pairs
  • February: Mentee and mentor orientations
  • February 2019 through February 2020: Duration of the mentoring cycle

Interested participants who are not selected for the 2019 cycle will have first consideration in the next cohort.

To learn more about the Mentoring Initiative, please visit the mentoring website. Mentor and mentee profiles can be submitted through Nov. 21.

Holly Lett is the Fermilab senior training administrator.