Call for Scientist Advisory Council members

The Scientist Advisory Council (SAC) is seeking nominations of scientific staff members interested in joining the SAC beginning Oct 1, 2018.

The SAC is a group of about 16 members of the Fermilab scientific staff, diverse in areas of expertise and experience, who meet regularly with the director to engage in open discussions on topics of interest for both the short and long-term plans for the laboratory’s research program, and on issues related to careers and professional development of the Fermilab scientific staff. Members of the SAC serve two-year terms, with approximately half rotating off each year. The current term of the SAC ends Sept. 30, 2018.

During the 2017-2018 term, the SAC organized an all scientist retreat to discuss the long-range research interests of the scientific staff, collaborated in developing a URA award for junior scientists, advanced making “faculty pages” available to Fermilab scientists,  commented on the lab communications policy and the community standards document, and carried out a number of other charges and discussions related to lab scientists. Via the work of the SAC, members have an opportunity to improve all aspects of the scientific environment and community at the lab, from workplace-related policies and resources, to diversity and inclusion, research opportunities, and planning related to the research program of the lab.

If you know of scientific staff members at any level who could make contributions to the SAC as a member, or if you are a scientist who is motivated and interested in contributing, please send email to, or by Sept 7, 2018. A list of current and past SAC members can be found at the SAC Fermipoint site.