Fermilab Soccer League outdoor season

As in every year, this summer, the Fermilab Soccer League started its outdoor season with the goal of promoting participation among regular members and summer visitors.

The league organized two main events. The first was a four-team tournament (White, Black, Red and Blue), each made of about 10 players, with even distribution of senior and younger members, combining both experience and audacity. The four teams all played against each other in an intense group stage to determine the play-off brackets, and in the end the Black team was the 2018 tournament winner, beating the Blue team 6-1 in the final game. The Red team placed third after defeating the White team 5-4.

The Black team are the winners of the 2018 Fermilab Outdoor Soccer Tournament. Photo: Gonzalo Diaz Bautista

The second event took place one week after the tournament. Fermilab Soccer hosted the annual Under 30 vs. Over 30 game, when seniors and younger members play face-to-face in a match — two halves of 25 minutes. This game has been a tradition at Fermilab for more than two decades, with a record favorable to the Over 30 team, who have been consecutively winning in recent years. This time, history took a turn, and, after an even 0-0 draw in the regular game, the Under 30 won 3-2 in the decisive penalty shoot-out, managing to steal a win for the first time in many years.

Under 30 (red jerseys) and Over 30 (dark jerseys) players are all good friends before the game. And after, too, of course. Photo: Vladimir Sidorov

After the game, most of the players headed to the Users Center to share good times with the rest of the Fermilab community, especially the summer interns, because that is what Fermilab Soccer is about: having fun with other people with a common interest in soccer and strengthening the bonds between them. In the words of fellow scientist and soccerist O’Sheg Oshinowo, one of the founding members of Fermilab Soccer, “this is like a United Nation soccer league with players from different parts of the world. I got to know more people at Fermilab through soccer, with lasting friendships.”

The outdoor season is not over yet. We still meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Village outdoor field (Sauk Blvd., next to Dorm 1) to play pick-up. Also, the most important game of the year, Fermilab vs. Argonne, is coming likely in late September, and we are intensively training for that. If you are interested in joining us or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at fermi_soccer@fnal.gov.

Gonzalo Diaz Bautista is a visiting scientist from the University of Rochester and a 2016 Fermilab Neutrino Physics Center fellow.