LPC physicists receive prestigious CMS awards

Earlier this year the CMS collaboration announced recipients of its 2017 Detector and Achievement Awards. These annual awards honor individuals who have distinguished themselves by performing significant and lasting contributions to different components of the CMS experiment. The recipients are selected by a committee appointed by the chair of the Collaboration Board.

The award is presented yearly at a ceremony during CMS week in February. The LHC Physics Center physicists who received the awards and their corresponding areas of contributions are:

Artur Apresyan, Fermilab – for technical leadership of and critical contributions to the technical proposal for the minimum ionizing particle timing detector, through his organization of beam tests for ultrafast silicon detector sensor characterization and in ensuring the delivery of the mechanical designs and thermal simulations necessary to prove the feasibility of the endcap timing detector.

Zoltan Gecse, Fermilab – for many important contributions to the design and development of the high-granularity calorimeter project, impacting many aspects of the design.

Daniel Noonan, Florida Institute of Technology – for playing a leading role in the Phase-1 upgrade of the hadron forward detector.

Nathaniel Joseph Pastika, Baylor University – for outstanding contributions to the testing and commissioning of the hadron calorimeter Phase-1 front-end electronics, from the early stages of development to the final integration.

Kevin Pedro, Fermilab – for outstanding work on and leadership of the software for the CMS upgrades.

Cecilia Gerber and Sergo Jindariani are co-coordinators of the LHC Physics Center at Fermilab.

The CMS award recipients are, from left: Zoltan Gecse, Nathaniel Joseph Pastika, Daniel Noonan, Kevin Pedro, Artur Apresyan (inset). Photos: Marguerite Tonjes