University of Chicago VP Juan de Pablo visits LBNF/DUNE far detector site

On Aug. 16, Juan de Pablo, vice president for national laboratories at the University of Chicago, visited the Sanford Underground Research Facility in Lead, South Dakota.

He was interested in particular in seeing the far site of Fermilab’s flagship initiative, LBNF/DUNE. During his visit, Fermilab Deputy Director for LBNF Chris Mossey briefed him on the status of the project, and, along with Sanford Lab Director Mike Headley, we guided him on a tour of Sanford Lab.

Juan’s father was a geologist who worked in underground mines, so going underground to see the future DUNE detector location was not an altogether new experience. But visiting the future site of the largest particle physics project ever built in the United States was a first for him.

On his visit, he discussed ways the University of Chicago could continue to support LBNF/DUNE and necessary Sanford Lab infrastructure upgrades.

It was an honor to host him on the tour, and we’re grateful for his keen interest in the global science experiment that is LBNF/DUNE.

Patrick Weber is head of the Fermilab South Dakota Services Division.

University of Chicago Vice President for National Laboratories Juan de Pablo visited Sanford Lab in South Dakota last week. From left: Juan de Pablo, Sanford Underground Research Facility Director Mike Headley, South Dakota Science and Technology Authority ESH Director Larry Jaudon, Fermilab Deputy Director for LBNF Chris Mossey, Fermilab South Dakota Services Division Head Patrick Weber. Photo courtesy of Chris Mossey