FermiWorks updated to Workday version 31

The FermiWorks human capital management system has been updated to Workday version 31.

The homepage layout and the color scheme throughout the system are slightly different. However, the functionality remains unchanged. Please take note of the following:

  • The homepage link (Workday logo) is now located in the top left corner
  • There is now an Announcements section for important announcements. This may be blank depending on the time of year.
  • You can click directly on inbox items awaiting your action from the homepage (located on the bottom left of the screen), or you can click on the mailbox icon in the top right corner to reach your inbox.
  • Applications are located on the right half of the home screen to view targeted information such as the manager dashboard, team performance, help, benefits, etc.
  • Click on your photo0 in the top right corner to view your profile page. The profile page has not changed.

We encourage you to click around and check out the various applications. Note, the applications will vary based on your role (manager, employee or other specialized role).

Other notable items with this release:

Social Security Number Masking:

Workday expanded privacy protection of personal data by fully masking national IDs and enabling self-service users to verify their national IDs so they can ensure their personal information is secure. Example: U.S. Social Security numbers are displayed as xxx-xx-xxxx. If you view your worker profile and click on Personal/ID, you will need to click “verify National ID” and enter your social security number in order to view it. If more than five unsuccessful attempts are made, the national ID verification process will be locked.

Phone Number Data Entry

When adding or updating phone numbers, the data entry screen has changed to a single field for adding the prefix and phone number:

Old phone number data entry screen

New phone number data entry screen