In photos: Technical Division picnic

On Sept. 18, Technical Division staff members held their yearly summer picnic at Kuhn Barn.

Fermilab Director Nigel Lockyer attended and read some raffle ticket numbers. Some Polaroid pictures found in an old binder were collected and pinned to a board titled “Blast from the Past.” The pictures featured long-time employees still at the lab, and the display doubled as a game to guess the people pictured. A local barbecue supplied the food, and employees waited patiently in a long queue for their lunch. And Chief Technology Officer Sergey Belomestnykh was presented with an apron and serving ware.

This picnic was the first since the cryogenics departments that were formerly part of the Accelerator and Particle Physics divisions joined the Technical Division.

Enjoy photos from the picnic taken by Tom Nicol. Click on the magnifying glass icon in the lower right corner to view pictures in full.