Creative Services still haunted

Despite a last-ditch move from the ground floor’s northwest corner, members of Creative Services report that their new offices are even more haunted than their previous digs.

The team, which produces many of the articles, videos, photographs and graphic design on behalf of the laboratory, had put up with unearthly hijinks for decades under the name of Visual Media Services.

“Poltergeists would throw down ceiling tiles, break water pipes and hide the printer toner,” said Reidar Hahn, head of Creative Services. “When we turned the space over to Global Services, I thought we’d be in the clear, but things are worse than ever.”

Hahn says the creatures followed the group to their new home, filling the ceilingless conference room with eerie echoes, leaving messages on the walls and constantly moving the wireless light switches.

Videographer Jim Shultz recently set up a camera in the new recording studio to try to capture ghostly activity in front of the green screen.

“If we get footage, I can change the background so it looks like the ghosts are in front of the bison or Wilson Hall, and we could put it on the Fermilab YouTube channel,” Shultz said. “Unless the ghosts wear green …”

Despite the potential for viral videos, Hahn says he hopes that the ghosts lose interest and move on.

“We’re excited to get settled into the new location – and if any experts in poltergeist removal want to drop by to speed that up, I’d love to show them around,” Hahn said. “Or maybe we can start construction on the new engineering center or the PIP-II project a little early. Do ghosts like accelerators?”

See the gallery of puzzlement below. Click on the magnifying glass icon in the lower right corner to view the ghostly images in full.