Dark Energy Survey releases first-year value-added data products

Rich Kron

Matias Carrasco Kind

On Oct. 1 the Dark Energy Survey (DES) made public a large set of value-added data products derived from the images and catalogs processed and generated at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, corresponding to the first year of the survey. Astronomers and cosmologists can download the data along with the recent DES DR1 release and early data release from the science-verification period.

The contents of these catalogs were used by the DES collaboration in a large series of analyses that led to precise cosmological constraints recently published in more than 30 articles. The catalogs enabled the generation of the largest and one of the most accurate dark matter maps to the date.

The new release includes value-added catalogs that were used in these year-one analyses and publications, including object catalogs, survey characterization maps, dark matter mass maps, simulations, morphological catalogs, baryon acoustic oscillation data and cosmological likelihoods, among other data products.

DES images observed each night during survey operations are transferred to NCSA from the telescope in Chile over a high-speed network. The processing uses NCSA computing resources as well as the Open Science Grid at Fermilab. The processing team includes the National Optical Astronomy Observatory.

Rich Kron is the director of the Dark Energy Survey. Matias Carrasco Kind is a senior research scientist at NCSA.