Ghost-hunting cameras installed in Wilson Hall elevators

Cameras like this one keep a watchful eye on spirits, wraiths, specters and shadows alike.

After mounting reports of mysterious activity, crews recently installed security cameras to monitor the elevators at Wilson Hall.

Riders have reported strange noises, odd smells and being struck with an overwhelming sense of foreboding when boarding the elevator. On at least one occasion, users reported hearing a disembodied voice murmur “what floor, please?” before the elevator interior was plunged into darkness. When the doors opened, the riders found themselves on the 13th floor.

The new security cameras are the latest in paranormal security technology, said Glenn Porgees, an engineer in Fermilab’s little-known research group for Spectral Phenomena and OminOus Kinetic Yields.

A haunting between floors? A camera captured this image of a strange apparition in Wilson Hall’s east elevators.

“These are high-definition DVR cameras with full-spectrum technology,” Porgees said. “They’re the top of the line for all your paranormal security needs.”

Full-spectrum security cameras are designed to capture near-infrared to ultraviolet light. This lets them pick up evidence of activity that traditional cameras might miss. The SPOOKY engineers hope their setup will help gather clues as to the source of the disturbances.

“We can infer the existence of spirits, but we haven’t found direct evidence of a haunting yet,” Porgees said. “These security cameras could be the first ones to do that.”