Changes in the Fermilab Chief Operating Officer organization

Tim Meyer

As Fermilab moves fully from “vision to execution,” the Office of the Chief Operating Officer is adapting to best support the laboratory’s mission.

Beginning today, the following changes in the operations organization go into effect.

  • Kate Gregory, previously special advisor to Chief Operating Officer Tim Meyer, assumes the newly created role of Deputy Chief Operating Officer and will continue reporting to me. She will be charged with managing a number of improvement initiatives including laboratory modernization, assurance in support of operational excellence, PEMP Notable Outcomes, and Field-Work Proposal procedures. In this capacity she will also assume line management responsibility for the Facilities Engineering Service Section and support the new FESS leadership team of Karen Kosky and Mark Jeffers to bring a renewed focus and strength to FESS services across the laboratory.
  • Karen Kosky will continue in her role as head of the Facilities and Engineering Services Section and will report to Kate.
  • At the same, these changes allow Randy Ortgiesen as Head of the Office of Campus Strategy & Readiness to provide additional focus on strategic planning for longer-term conventional facilities including construction of new facilities (such as the Integrated Engineering Research Center and the conceptual Accelerator Science and Technology Center) and disposition of legacy facilities and property across the site. His office will steward the Campus Master Plan and its integration with the laboratory science mission. Randy will continue to report directly to me.

These shifts will better align resources with our ambitions, and just as importantly, will enable me to turn attention to overall lab strategy and effectiveness with more integrated guidance.

Please bring questions and comments to my attention.

Tim Meyer is Fermilab’s chief operating officer.