Complete a Talent Review in FermiWorks by Nov. 16

An important part of planning for the lab’s future includes identifying the expertise and facilities needed at the lab over the next decade and beyond. This summer, a cross-functional team of employees, led by Accelerator Division Head Mike Lindgren, looked into the proverbial crystal ball to forecast what Fermilab might look like in 2030 and what resources we’ll need to continue our mission of discovery and innovation.

First, the resources that currently exist at the lab must be identified, including employees’ skills and capabilities. This information will be collected via a FermiWorks Talent Review, and the data will then be used to guide future hiring and training needs.

All regular and fixed-term employees are asked to complete the Talent Review in FermiWorks, Nov. 5 through Nov. 16.

Employees should have already received a notification from FermiWorks to “Update Profile: Talent Review 2018.”  When you click on the “Guided Editor” in FermiWorks, you will see a job details page. Click “next” to review the skills tied to your job family. The list will be quite long for some job families. Simply scroll down the list and click on all skills that apply to you, rate your proficiency levels and add optional comments. For any skills you do not possess, leave the rating blank. It may take some time to get through the list, so each time you click to another field on the screen, your work will be saved. You can return to your FermiWorks inbox at any time to complete the talent review. Submit the talent review by Nov. 16 to allow your manager enough time to review and approve your information.

A full list of skills with definitions is located here and more detailed Talent Review instructions are located here.

If you discover a skill is missing that you feel is critical to the lab’s mission or if you have questions, please contact your HR partner or FermiWorks HR team.