From Accelerator Division Head Mike Lindgren: AD’s top five

Mike Lindgren

On Monday, Nov. 12, a number of leaders at Fermilab presented at the Accelerator Division all-hands meeting. They noted the physics and accelerator goals and challenges for IOTA, the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility, MicroBooNE, MINERvA, Mu2e, Muon g-2, NOvA and the Fermilab Test Beam Facility.

We also answered questions submitted in advance of the meeting, which largely covered personnel matters and accelerator upgrade projects.

Thanks to Laura Fields, Chris Polly, Ron Ray, Mandy Rominsky, Rob Roser, Peter Shanahan, Sasha Valishev and Sam Zeller for presenting. As they collectively reminded all who attended, we put the ‘A’ in FNAL.

The top five takeaways from the meeting are:

1. The Accelerator Division has a large work scope, and we must make sure that the size of the scope doesn’t affect our commitment to perform our work safely. Safety comes first.

2. PIP-II is one of the lab’s highest priorities, and our division is working to ensure its design is ready to be baselined in 2019. The LBNF beamline is not far behind for baselining in 2019, and is equally important.

3. We work hard to deliver on promised accelerator operations achievements. Our priorities include sending a 700-kilowatt beam through the NuMI beamline; delivering 1×1012 protons on target for our muon experiments by the time Muon g-2 begins taking data again; ensuring that the switchyard 120 beamline gets 10 percent of the test beam time; and ensuring that the Booster Neutrino Beamline meets baseline requirements.

4. We hope that Mu2e will see something exciting, and we’re doing everything we can to keep the experiment on track to completion.

5. Our modernization review is an opportunity for us to remake the accelerator infrastructure to fulfill the lab’s mission. We’re ensuring that Fermilab remains a global center for accelerator science.

You can view the slides from the meeting online.

If you have questions, my door is always open.

Mike Lindgren is the head of the Accelerator Division.